The planning for our 2010 mission began shortly after our treetop recovery of the 2009 mission. 2010 will be our fourth mission and will include a couple of new (for us) features. We acquired a geiger counter and will be sending that aloft to record cosmic radiation and observe the changes as it passes through the atmosphere. Dad decided to go fancy with this one and had an actual circuit board printed for his PIC circuit rather than leave it on the breadboard. Additionally, we will be sending up a video camera this year so look for clips from that. Larry's weather module will be accompanying once again as well as Dad's accelerometer, we'll post most or all of that data on the 2010 mission pages.


Launch date was Saturday, 19 June 2010.


ENDV04 - Mission Statistics
Launch Date: 19 June 2010
Launch Time: 0937EDT (1337GMT)
Launch Site: 30 50 11.04N 083 55 16.32W
Landing Time: *According to Accelerometer Data - 1213 EDT (1613 GMT), found at 1345EDT (1745GMT) -- **1137EDT (1537GMT)
Landing Site: *30 27 28.06N 84 17 07.94W -- **30 33 42.75N 84 15 15.45W
Mission Time: 120 minutes
Distance Launch to Landing: *33.88 miles -- **27.37 miles
Max Reported Altitude: 81,930ft/24,972m
Additional Info: Due to the 'untimely' separation of the tracking module, distance between tracking and experiment module at landing was 7.40 miles
*Experiment Module -- **Tracking Module