Summaries and Links to our Mission Pages

2007 Mission

The 2007 Balloon mission was technically a failure, since we recovered none of the science nor tracking module.

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2008 Mission

2008 represents our first successful balloon launch and recovery.

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2009 Mission

With a successful mission in 2008 behind us, we ran headlong into our 2009 mission.

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2010 Mission

The planning for the 2010 mission began shortly after the treetop recovery of the 2009 mission. Fourth mission and includes new experiments.

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2014 Mission

After a 3 year hiatus, the 2014 mission was the first mission using a Raspberry Pi to coordinate all of the science box operations.

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2015 Mission

Once again, we saw the package under parachute, but literally seconds before it disappeared into the trees. Tracking unit problems plagued the mission.

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