The 2007 Balloon mission was technically a failure, since we recovered none of the science nor tracking module. The tracking module failed shortly after lift-off (almost immediately as a matter of fact). We were able to follow it visually for quite some time, we think almost to the top, but once the balloon burst there was no way we could see the small parachute that it rode back down on. After additional analysis and running the weather on the Balloon Tracking program, there is a high probablility that the 2007 mission is located near the 'Estimated Landing Site' noted in the statistics below.

ENDV01 - Mission Statistics
Launch Date: 27 June 2007
Launch Time: 0820 EDT (1220 GMT)
Launch Site: 30d22m03.14sN 83d20m46.67sW
Landing Time: Unknown
Landing Site: Unknown
Mission Time: Unknown
Distance Launch to Landing: Unknown
Max Altitude: Unknown
(Estimated Landing Site: 30d16m59.88sN 84d06m33.39sW)