June 20, 2009 was our third Balloon flight. Each year we learn a bit more and the setup and launch gets easier.
Here are some shots of the setup and launch and also some in-flight photos.

Payload modules left to right:

Camera controller.
Mini Weather Station & Data Recorder.
Accelerometer & telemetry module.
-The objects covered with yellow tape are the lithium batteries-


Here, Keith and Donnie prepare the Balloon for filling.  They wear cotton gloves to protect the latex balloon.
At  Donnie's left knee is the digital fish scale used to measure lift.  On this flight, we filled 'til we had 3 pounds positive lift.

Brandi testing the lift.  At this point, it had about 8 pounds of lift.

Preparing the modules for flight.

Preparing the parachute.
The balloon is above, out of the picture.

Almost ready to go.

Donnie holding for the count down.
The blue box contains the GPS and radio for tracking and the red box holds the mini weather station, the camera and the accelerometer.

Moments after launch

Balloon at liftoff

Balloon moments before bursting

Moments after balloon burst.  Chute is open.
Notice the sky is no longer blue.
90% of the atmosphere is below us.

We launched from Larry and Dale's home in Thomasville, Ga. 
The blue box is the GPS tracking module.

The top of the photo is South.
US 19 and US 84 interchange in the lower right.

US 90 & I-10 Interchange east of Tallahassee, Fl

Tallahassee Regional Airport from about 90,000 feet.
North is to the right.

The Earth from 90,000+ feet

We landed in the treetops on the West side of Lake Talquin.
The camera continued to take photos until the battery was exhausted.

We were unable to recover the craft on June 20, but we came back the following Saturday and recovered everything.

Copyright © 2009, D.W. Barnes

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