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Author Topic: My business, so far...  (Read 1357 times)
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« on: March 21, 2014, 09:39:38 PM »

Well, we had our first meeting to try to coordinate and nail down a few things to help get ready for the upcoming 2014 Balloon Mission.  We met at Dan's house and had a wonderful meal.  I will let Daddy and Dan explain what they are up to.

I was tasked with researching the possibility of using Hydrogen instead of Helium in the balloon due to its better lift characteristics.  I was also tasked with finding out if the Pi could handle 5v TTL levels on the serial port.  Finally, I was to develop the method of reporting my temperature information to be used by the telemetry system.

Well, I did research Hydrogen vs. Helium and discovered that the lift generated by Hydrogen was not enough of a gain to override the potential hazards involved with handling Hydrogen.  It worked out to about an 8% increase in altitude, but I did read many warning about the potentially explosive nature.  I think it is best to stick with Helium.

I have yet to work on the 5v TTL levels, yet.  I am leaning toward being safe rather than sorry.  I recommend we learn to deal with the 3.3v recommended by the Pi People.

As far as the Temperature information, I think I have settled on a plan.  As it stands now, I plan to read the temp every 10 seconds.  I will write to 2 different files.  The first will be called temp.dat and will be a log of all the temperature data collected.  Each line will contain the current local time and date, temp from sensor1 (inside and on board the Master Pi), temp from sensor2 (outside the package to measure outside temperature), and finally the altitude.  The second file will be named ctime and will contain the current time.  It will be over written each time and will only contain the temp from the 2 sensors, coma delimited.  It should be easily accessed to be included in the telemetry.

I am waiting for Dan to give me information explaining how he is going to distribute the altitude information.  Then I will be able to incorporate that into my program.

Once I can get the altitude info, I will be able to write a program to control the cameras based on altitude.

It is getting a little exciting now that we seem to be heading in a single direction, but time is slipping by.
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