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Title: Fox Hunt Project?
Post by: Larry on September 07, 2009, 03:05:41 AM
Just a thought....   Could we use out tracking technology to build a Radio Direction Finder?  I was thinking of having two (2) directional antennae pointing in opposite directions mounted on a pivot mount driven by a servo.  Somehow, use the Signal strength from the 2 antennae to drive the servo until you have the same signal strength from both, and that should be the direction the signal is coming from.   

Not sure about the practicallity or interest of it, but was just trying to think of possibilities for our tracking technology. ???

Title: Re: Fox Hunt Project?
Post by: DaddyB on September 25, 2009, 04:46:59 AM
There are circuits using 2 antennas that will cause a meter to deflect to the left or right.  I'll bet the signal that caused the meter to deflect, could be used to drive a servo.

The way it is used is to try to keep the meter centered, which means you are moving straight toward the RF source.  With the simple circuits, you can center the meter by facing directly away from the source. So,  to tell which is which, you move the antenna left and right and if the meter moves left when you move left, the signal is behind you.  If the meter moves right when you move left, then, you are facing the signal source.

Hope that makes some sense...   :D